Sunday, 30 September 2012

Funny Risako-chan xD

Today was closing day of Cat's Eye in Tokyo, now they have Osaka Stage.
Mai was happy because  a lot of people went to see the stage although had a typhoon. 
She's worried because she wants that everyone return to home without accident ^_^

She checked her cellphone and she was surprised becuase she's received five mails!
...but every mail was from Nacky xD
In addition, they all were only Risako photos without text xD
Risakooooooo xD

Probably It's because she had muttered facetiously the other day.
"Basically, nobody call to me. I wish somebody would send a mail"
(I wish to send her mails ;_; xD)

Today's outfit is with Risako too. She's wearing a hat again <3 Her shorts and boots are cute too~

 Cat's Eye pics:

To finish her solo ver of "Aitai aitai aitai na"
 She is tooooo cute here, I miss her long hair but now is so beautiful too ^_^

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