Saturday, 29 September 2012

C-ute Day's 3!

Today was the closing day of Victims side in Tokyo, the history was sad so Mai wanted to cry (so cuuteee~ xD) they had a party after the stage ^_^ She was happy because Airi-chan went to see their stage

She took a pic with Captain too ^_^ she really look like Chisato here xD their style is so cool xD 
Since Mai cut her hair, she's using a lot of hats, I love it.


Today outfit is casual but cool 
Recently she always took the outfit pic with Risako-chan, should I speak about her outfit too? lol

 The release of  the DVD "C-ute Day's 3"  is announced! ^_^

Cute pics from Maimi blog: 

          Love her jacket ^^                                                                Lovely Mai-chan <3

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