Sunday, 30 September 2012

Fes Iwao!

Today was Fes Iwao! 

1. Aitai Aitai Aitai-na
2.Kanashiki Heaven.
3. Sekai ichi feliz na Onna no ko.
4. Dace de Backoon!
5. Love revolution 21 (with Denpa-gumi, Paspo, BiZ, Afferia Sarga)

Here Kanishiki Heaven: 

Great perfomance! Airi and Chisato voices are really good and the dance is awesome! (like Aitai aitai aitaina dance) *-* I can't wait for the others songs!
I wish to know what Nakky's saying at the end xD

Organizer Iwao is a fan of Airi so there were the best souvenirs for Airi, she surprised at the gorgeous Maccha set so much. 

Mai-chan complained about it so much  xDD (I think they should be accustomed to this,lol)


They look so happy at the end xD

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