Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Weird outfit xD

Ahhh sorry,yesterday I was busy and I couldn't put her blog! so I'll write yesterday and today's blog ^^


She was to highschool was a holiday, sillyyyyy Mai-chan xD so she took a class alone.
Teacher recommended her to read books so she received a book  for homework.

She bought a new dance shoes, he says that her hands and shoe size are small and her palm is the smallest in ºC-ute xD
For today's outfit she mixed girly clothes and boyish ones. 
Usually I love her outfit but honestly it's a bit weird xD elegant long skirt with casual shirt sneakers,and cap? xD

New shoes!


Toooooo beautifull!! <3


Monday, 1 October 2012

Fes Iwao! (Full video)

Yay~ Thank you to the uploader!
Powerful voices and dance as always ^_^


Today ºC-ute had a shooting for the goods of winter tour, all day long, Mai-chan was happy for met them after a long time.
She speaks about Fes Iwao and dried squid and a jasmine tea that Iwao-san gave her in the show xD 
Her dad and she ate them ^_^ 

Well, she doesn't speak too much in today's blog xD 

Today's outfit:

Where is Risako? lol
She's so stylish! I like her her fashion sense, and she looks so good in skinny jeans *0*

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Fes Iwao!

Today was Fes Iwao! 

1. Aitai Aitai Aitai-na
2.Kanashiki Heaven.
3. Sekai ichi feliz na Onna no ko.
4. Dace de Backoon!
5. Love revolution 21 (with Denpa-gumi, Paspo, BiZ, Afferia Sarga)

Here Kanishiki Heaven: 

Great perfomance! Airi and Chisato voices are really good and the dance is awesome! (like Aitai aitai aitaina dance) *-* I can't wait for the others songs!
I wish to know what Nakky's saying at the end xD

Organizer Iwao is a fan of Airi so there were the best souvenirs for Airi, she surprised at the gorgeous Maccha set so much. 

Mai-chan complained about it so much  xDD (I think they should be accustomed to this,lol)


They look so happy at the end xD

Funny Risako-chan xD

Today was closing day of Cat's Eye in Tokyo, now they have Osaka Stage.
Mai was happy because  a lot of people went to see the stage although had a typhoon. 
She's worried because she wants that everyone return to home without accident ^_^

She checked her cellphone and she was surprised becuase she's received five mails!
...but every mail was from Nacky xD
In addition, they all were only Risako photos without text xD
Risakooooooo xD

Probably It's because she had muttered facetiously the other day.
"Basically, nobody call to me. I wish somebody would send a mail"
(I wish to send her mails ;_; xD)

Today's outfit is with Risako too. She's wearing a hat again <3 Her shorts and boots are cute too~

 Cat's Eye pics:

To finish her solo ver of "Aitai aitai aitai na"
 She is tooooo cute here, I miss her long hair but now is so beautiful too ^_^

Saturday, 29 September 2012

C-ute Day's 3!

Today was the closing day of Victims side in Tokyo, the history was sad so Mai wanted to cry (so cuuteee~ xD) they had a party after the stage ^_^ She was happy because Airi-chan went to see their stage

She took a pic with Captain too ^_^ she really look like Chisato here xD their style is so cool xD 
Since Mai cut her hair, she's using a lot of hats, I love it.


Today outfit is casual but cool 
Recently she always took the outfit pic with Risako-chan, should I speak about her outfit too? lol

 The release of  the DVD "C-ute Day's 3"  is announced! ^_^

Cute pics from Maimi blog: 

          Love her jacket ^^                                                                Lovely Mai-chan <3

Friday, 28 September 2012

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! ~

Hello everyone! ^_^
I'm a fangirl of Mai Hagiwara (like you can see xD), I really love her so I wanted to do a blog about her a lot of time ago but I didn't understand blogspot -.-" now I understand it (more or less xD) so I decided to do a blog  :D
I'm a english student so my english isn't so well but i wanted to do it in english because it's more international, sorry for my spelling mistakes, i will try to do my best with it :D
I like all of groups of H!P but my favorite is ºC-ute so I speak mainly about ºC-ute and my dear oshi ~
well, I hope that you like my blog ^_^

My love <3